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Opportunities for the Mobile/Pervasive Web

  • Mark Crocker, OTR, UK
  • Diego Anza, France Telecom/Orange, France
  • Neil Edwards, mTLD, Ireland
  • Paul Walsh, Segala, Ireland
  • Jonas Wilhelmsson, Drutt Corporation, Sweden

Track: Panels

Everybody is familiar with the web and relies on it for both business and personal use. The explosion of mobile devices extends the pervasive web further into the 24x7 world, with ever increasing demands. New performance, reliability and security issues have arisen, with speed and usability coming to the forefront. From searching for timetable information, to banking and shopping, mobile access to the web is vital to the end user whether at work, home or while travelling.

Fresh problems arise from continued access as you travel at speed around the world whilst maintaining connections as your mobile device jumps cells and service providers. There are increasing threats to security of systems already straining under the load.

As the novelty of access declines, along with cost, user expectations increase, what are user expectations and can we get the balances right?

The Panel will discuss the following questions:

  • Performance and reliability. Are they issues or are we just impatient?
  • Opportunities for Infrastructure support; On-line, Off-line, near and location based who does what?
  • Is Mobile/pervasive web a special case, or should we just make the screens larger?
  • Application and business Opportunities for pervasive Web
  • Car repairs
  • Yellow Pages

The wired world does not mean the mobile world.

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