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Twenty haunted castles

  1. Culzean Castle Ayrshire - a ghostly piper plays in the grounds on stormy nights
  2. Balconie Castle, Fife – haunted by a spectre of a young man starved to death because he couldn’t stop whistling
  3. Baldoon Castle, Galloway – a blood-spattered bride appears on the anniversary of her death
  4. Borthwick Castle, Lothian – an apparition of Mary Queen of Scots disguised as a pageboy has been seen
  5. Brodick Castle, Isle of Aran – frequented by the “Grey Lady” who starved to death in the castle dungeons
  6. Claypotts Castle, Angus – a white lady appears at the window once a year on May 29th
  7. Craignethan Castle, Lanark – haunted by the headless spook of Mary Queen of Scots
  8. Dean Castle, Ayrshire – a severed head has been seen rolling across the floor
  9. Delgatie Castle, Turriff – reputed to be visited by a red-headed woman who once sent an entire battalion fleeing in fright during the Second World War
  10. Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland – the upper floors are haunted by a young girl who fell to her death attempting to escape from her father’s imprisonment
  11. Dunstaffnage Castle, Oban – a shadowy figure in a green dress foretells events, good or bad, about to befall the Campbells
  12. Edinburgh Castle – a headless drummer and a lone piper appear within the castle walls
  13. Fernie Castle, Fife – a “Green Lady” is known to tamper with the castle’s electrics
  14. Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire – the bloodstains of a murdered woman are said to reappear on the stone stairs
  15. Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire – yet another “Green Lady” haunts the castle where she was starved to death by her husband
  16. Glamis Castle, Strathmore – claims to be the most haunted castle in Scotland, frequented by a “Grey Lady”, an Earl who played cards with the devil and a bearded man
  17. Castle Guthrie, Angus – spend a night in the luxury hotel’s Ghost Suite and the eerie figure of Lady Guthrie will ensure you have the most restful night ever
  18. Hermitage Castle, Borders – plagued by the bloodcurdling screams of a previous owner who dabbled in witchcraft
  19. Huntingtower Castle, Perthshire – “My Lady Greensleeves” can be seen in advance of a death and is said to have cured the sick
  20. Inverary Castle – haunted by a harpist killed during a castle siege

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