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Alternate Track: Industrial Practice & Experience

The Industrial Practice and Experience track includes a combination of peer-reviewed papers and invited presentations. Accepted papers will appear in the printed proceedings, separate from the main refereed track proceedings. Short papers describing industrial practice and experience are sought. These will include papers describing problems (and their solutions) encountered in real applications. Potential topics include all those listed for the Refereed Papers Track, but are not limited to these.

Accepted Papers

Pavel A. Dmitriev
Nadav Eiron
Marcus Fontoura
Eugene Shekita
P. Ferragina
F. Luccio
G. Manzini
S. Muthukrishnan
Baoning Wu
Brian D. Davison
Honghua Dai
Lingzhi Zhao
Zaiqing Nie
Ji-Rong Wen
Lee Wang
Ying Li


PC Members

  • Jan Pedersen (Yahoo)
  • Knut Magne Risvik (Google)
  • Bill Weihl
  • Nayeem Islam (DoCoMo Labs)

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