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Refereed Track: Performance, Reliability & Scalability

Performance and reliability are ongoing issues as the Web continues to grow in its diversity of applications. This area seeks papers related to Web performance, reliability, and scalability for both traditional Web content and newer applications. Generally, papers related to performance and scalability issues for the Web should be sent to the performance/reliability track, while those focusing on application issues for the Web should be sent to the E-Applications track.

The relevant topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Availability, fault tolerance, and reliability
  • Caching and replication
  • Content-aware routing
  • Content distribution
  • Edge services
  • Load balancing and resource allocation
  • Overlay networks
  • Protocol compliance and robustness
  • Quality of service and service level agreements
  • Scalability
  • Server and proxy performance
  • Traffic characterization and capacity planning
  • Web Performance Modeling

Accepted Papers

Jingyu Zhou
Tao Yang
Balachander Krishnamurthy
Craig E. Wills
A. Karve
T. Kimbrel
G. Pacifici
M. Spreitzer
M. Steinder
M. Sviridenko
A. Tantawi
Seung Jun
Mustaque Ahamad
Nominated for Best Student Paper Award
Patrick Reynolds
Janet L. Wiener
Jeffrey C. Mogul
Marcos K. Aguilera
Amin Vahdat
Preethi Natarajan
Janardhan R. Iyengar
Paul. D. Amer
Randall Stewart


PC Members

  • Martin Arlitt (HP Labs)
  • Ernst Biersack (Institut Eurecom)
  • Fabio Bustamante (Northwestern University)
  • Mor Harchol-Balter (CMU)
  • Dejan Kostic (EPFL)
  • Thu Nguyen (Rutgers University)
  • Giovanni Pacifici (IBM Research)
  • Stefan Saroiu (University of Toronto)
  • Oliver Spatscheck (AT&T Labs)
  • Maarten Van Steen (Vrije Universiteit)
  • Limin Wang (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Craig Wills (WPI)
  • Alec Wolman (Microsoft Research)
  • Rich Wolski (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Xiaodong Zhang (Ohio State University)

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