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YOu might want to use "WWW2006" as a tag in any blog entry about the conference, so they're easier to aggregate by blog search engines like etc

editors note. Please use "WWW2006" as the keyword for the conference. Don't use WWW06. Of course, do what you like, but we recommend you use www2006 because if everyone uses the same thing it makes life easier.

My blog post for Friday's "Health Day" is up at (& I've tagged it with WWW2006) Rodw 20:45, 27 May 2006 (BST)


Podcasting is often linked to blogging, so I thought I'd let folks know that there WILL be some podcasts resulting from the conference. My colleague, Peter Croasdale, and I will be putting together about four 20 minute documentary style features aimed at those interested in WWW2006 - both you, the attendees, and those that couldn't come.

This way of 'podcasting' a conference like this is a bit new so I look forward to your comments and thoughts about the content and style. We picked 20 minutes as the right length as experience is showing that this is about the length that most people can commit to one audio presentation (travelling, walking, cooking etc). What do you think?

- I'd be interested in podcast of recordings of all the talks. - Julian

Podcast Resources

  • Contextual Web Accessibility - Maximizing the Benefit of Accessibility Guidelines, Sloan, Kelly et al, W4A 2006 Workshop, WWW2006 [1] Recording and Podcast file created by Brian Kelly, UKOLN.
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