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Win a bottle of scotch!

I'll buy a bottle of scotch for the coolest (or possibly silliest) application I see for the conference RDF data by the end of the conference. Ideally they should be online and linked from this page for all to see.

Christopher Gutteridge

All the conference information that we have collected as part of the programme is being made available in RDF and will be accessible online by Friday 12th May.

We invite all interested Semantic Web developers to "Come And Have A Go If You Think You're Hard Enough".

Seriously, if you have any SW tools and would like to show them off with our data, please have a go. We would love to see anything you have at the conference. If you don't have a poster, paper ordeveloper presntation, just bring a laptop and drum up a crowd in the foyer :-)

Conference RDF

Is now online at the following location:

Odd... the base URI seems wrong. It uses URIs like that are 404. -- DanConnolly

This opens up the usual argument about the difference between URI's and URL's. It is true that most believe it would be more useful to have everthing on the web as a URL however other are then not able to directly annotate a URI within their own domain. I'll amalgamate the www2006_data rf and put it online at that location. -- David Tarrant (Conference RDF Manager)

Dynamic Conference Programme

This new programme allows users to build their own conference programme and export it in many file formats. As from early next week the programme will also start recommending events they you may be interested in.

How semantic can you get?

Dynamic Programme and Conference RDF produced by David Tarrant (dct05r at

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