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Programming against the clock will be programming a new feature in real time at the WWW2006 conference, giving attendees the opportunity to see the insides of the search engine.

On Tuesday, we'll be asking people to vote for which new feature we should add. From there it will be design, code, test and go live by the end of the week.

Programming tasks to choose from is:

- Edit a My Trail - add your own annotations and edit the steps in a Trail

- Add a Search Engine - enable users to add their favourite search engines to Trexy

- View Trailblazer Profile - enables trailblazers to create a profile page that describes a little more about themselves

- Suggest your own feature - Make a suggestion ....

We will hold 20 minute workshops everyday starting at 1:30pm. Hope you can stop by stand 13 to see how the programming is going.

See more information...

Thanks for your votes! We have a clear winner.

a) 56% b) 28% c) 16%

So option A, "Edit a My Trail" is the winner. Now comes the hard bit - we're going to try and add this feature to Trexy during the Conference live at the Trexy stand! Hope you can stop by our daily workshop at 1:30pm to find out how we're going.

Thanks for all your feedback and other suggestions too.

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