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Resturants, pubs, shows, clubs... anyone got some ideas and want some company?

A good downtown street map of the area.



Start the evening here after 6pm - ECS crowd


The event tonight at Edinburgh castle starts at 7pm. (It's in the printed programme but not on the Web page.)

Wednesday night Pub Crawl

There's going to be a pub crawl on Wednesday night following the official WWW 2006 reception.

Drinks are free and anyone is welcome to come along.

Please come by stand 13 to pick up your 'Free Drinks Token'. Limited space is available.

See more information...

Thank you for everyone that attended the pub crawl. It was really nice to meet you all. We had a great time and hope you did too.

We'll send everyone the link of the photo's when we upload them.

and thankyou to trexy for providing a fun evening. Well, the first half was fun. The second half may have been fun but I can't remember it very clearly. Cjg


Whiskey tasting followed by....?

Is it worth suggesting a place/time for people who want to go out to meet up.


Many people will be leaving on Friday, however I plan to spend one last night out in Edinburgh. Possibly going to a club called opium, which is a rock type place with some bands on.

I am staying for an extra night too so would be interested in joining you at the club.

Please folks - spell Whisky properly. You are in Scotland. In Ireland the drink that tastes similar is called Whiskey.

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