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Navigating this Wiki

Where are the talk pages?

I have heard allegations that this Wiki has pages for the refereed talks and the developer track items. If so, they are very hard to find. Where are they?

For this item the link would be here. The text of the link is 'Discuss *papername*'


Suppose I want the slides from an invited talk, or a developer's track session. How do I navigate to them, starting at the conference home page?

We're working on it! We're collecting the slides from the speakers, and will make them available on the site. This should happen sometime next week. I know how annoying it is that they're not online already, and I'm going to work with next years organisers to improve the planning for the website so things are faster and smoother.

add your links here? please say if you do/do not mind us taking a copy for the www2006 site.


ok. the invited speakers are online. Please use the upload page to drop them off and we'll put them up next week.

Internet Access

How do I use internet at the EICC?

You need a little card with a username/password which you should be given when you register. The network name is ingennus. Use a web browser, any page will be initially replaced with a login screen.

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