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What did you like? What really pis**ed you off? What should the Banff lot try and do the same or do different? Did anything nice happen while you were here?

I bet the bad stuff list will grow much faster because it's more fun to gripe than to cheer, so please try and think of

Good Stuff

  • The obvious stuff, which is why we're here: meeting people, learning stuff.
  • The Castle was very cool and haggis o'derves(sp?) were yum.
  • 15 year old scotch
  • Good bus service
  • 3D navigation - how many people have followed a map only to discover they were at the wrong height in the old city? (under good stuff because I thought it was fun)
  • The wiki
  • Lovely conference centre
  • Funky rotating room. Gotta love that. (if you missed it, part of the main hall could rotate 180 and become a smaller capacity side room. It was cool to watch!
  • Nifty dynamic conference programme - being able to download my schedule in iCal format.
  • The seats in the auditoriums on the 3rd floor -- really comfortable, easy to snooze
  • Fantastic range of restaurants and lovely food within a small radius of the conference centre and some hotels
  • Posters set up in the lunch area (except one day) created natural interactions

Bad Stuff

  • Being in scattered hotels meant that there was no natural place to run into delegates in the evenings which reduced serendipity.
  • Wireless could be better (although the conference centre did upgrade their service in anticipation, and it's still not quite enough!)
  • People who think that a good introduction box on a poster is a 100 word sentence.
  • Being unable to find speakers' slides on the conference web site --- for all the different kinds of speakers.
  • No links between all the related pages --- in the Wiki and elsewhere --- about a given session.
  • Lack of a sit-down dinner event.
  • The castle dinner event was too crowded to be useful, and not worth the cost or effort for spouses and children (in spite of the sign-up indicitating otherwise).
  • Hard to navigate the full programme. The short, leaflet version would have benefitted by indicating, on each event, the relevant page number in the full programme.
  • Lunch (except for the desserts) & the fact that coffee was not available at all times.
  • No conference T-shirt
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