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If you've got a long drive, maybe you're passing a city with somebody who needs a lift and would be good company...

Leave notes and ideas here.

Use the special Freewheelers WWW2006 lift sharing site for matching up with people going in the same direction.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport <--> Edinburgh

For May 2006

  • 22th , flight arrival 19.50
  • 26th, flight departure 20.15

Any hints ?

Wikitravel Glasgow says there are frequent trains from the airport to town, and from Glasgow to Edinburgh. That's my plan.

The conference website gives some specific details about buses and trains from Glasgow Airport.

You can see Google Maps' interpretation of how to get from Edinburgh Waverley (the main rail station in Edinburgh City Centre) to the conference centre. It assumes that you are going by car - if you were walking you would of course turn up the Lothian Road - it's obviously quicker :-)

For a general overview of conference geographical hotspots on Windows Live Local, see the permalink (feel free to edit and update)


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