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I am a PhD Student at the FZI and will be at the WWW2006. I am interested in Wikis. I know Denny Vrandecic. At night, I like coffee, water, and wine.

I arrive on the 17:35:00 21.05.2006 at the airport and stay in the Apex International Hotel.


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User:Max Völkel  Has role  PhD Student  +
User:Max Völkel  Works for  FZI  +
User:Max Völkel  Attends  WWW2006  +
User:Max Völkel  Interested in  Wiki  +
User:Max Völkel  Knows  Denny Vrandecic  +
User:Max Völkel  Drinks  coffee  +, water  +, and wine  +
User:Max Völkel  Hotel  Apex International Hotel  +

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Arrives: 17:35:00 21.05.2006  +

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